How To Use Aneroid Sphygmomanometer?

High blood pressure is a problem faced by many. It is imperative that it is properly kept in control so that other resulting diseases could be kept at bay. The basic practice that should be maintained by all patients should be of regular checkup as per respective medical needs. Nowadays, with the advancement of electronic equipment there, is no need to visit a doctor as one can do it with the aid of an aneroid sphygmomanometer.

Why choose an aneroid sphygmomanometer?

Although digital monitors are readily available, aneroid blood pressure monitors are fast gaining

momentum. These are now rampant among both patients and doctors in the current times. The

convenience of use is more inclined towards digitals; however, people find the aneroid ones handier

for frequent travelers and users.

The Android versions are designed with an incorporated stethoscope, therefore, a user needs not to buy

such instruments separately. This is exactly what makes the device unique and handy.

How to use aneroid sphygmomanometer?

These devices can appear very sophisticated but once you get the hang of them, these are not difficult

to use at all. It is best for a patient to learn about the controls and monitoring so that he/she can keep

an eye on the blood pressure several times in a day.

Among the many reasons for this device’s popularity, these monitors are known for high accuracy.

These are more precise than digital ones and for this reason, the reliability rate for aneroid ones are

higher. To check your blood pressure, secure the cuff around your arm, above the elbow region. See to

it that the cuff is neither too big nor small as it can affect the readings. Perfect fitting is when you are

able to wrap around eighty percent of the fabric.

When taking the reading, make yourself comfortable on the seat with your feet on the ground and

support your cuff arm. Opposite the elbow, you can locate your brachial artery, which is your major

artery. The stethoscope is placed on the artery and the bulb squeezed until the cuff feels inflated. This is

done up to 40 points above the systolic reading of your last measurement.

Once this is done, release the bulb to hear the distinctive sound. Mark the reading as this is the systolic

pressure. Continue with this until you are no longer able to hear the same sound. Measure the reading

again. This will mark your diastolic pressure.

High blood pressure is definitely a global problem. It would not be wrong to say it a killer as its

development can lead to subsequent disorders with the likes of cardiac and other health issues. Its

development should not be taken lightly and the only way to regulate it-other than proper medication

and healthy diet is to keep up with regular checkups. An android sphygmomanometer is what will help

you achieve it owing to its compact design and portability. If you suffer from blood pressure problem

from time to time, you should always keep it by your side.

How To Use Aneroid Sphygmomanometer ?