Normal body blood pressure

Everybody wants to have a normal body structure- that is a fact. We want to have a healthy body that is why we are doing our best to stay fit and normal. We eat different organic foods like fruits and vegetables. We exercise everyday. We take food supplements. We even buy ourselves with equipments that would help us attain the body we have. But behind our physical healthiness, there lies what is inside – there lies our internal systems that need proper care. One of these vital organs is the heart including the veins and arteries. As we grow old, we may feel a little change in our body.

Normal body blood pressure

The heart should be the

main to be looked at because it pumps blood that gives us life. If we do not monitor the activities of

our heart, we are prone to a lot of sickness and one of these is high or low blood pressure. Since we are

really concern and we are doing our best to be fit, we need to know all about our blood pressure and

the normal type of it.

The result of blood pressure is composed of two parts – the systolic and the diastolic. The systolic part

is normally the higher in number while the diastolic part is normally the lower in number. These two are

divided by a line. The systolic is found above the line while the diastolic is found below. The result of the

blood pressure is classified as millimetres of mercury or the symbol “mm Hg”.

The normal blood pressure of the human body is 120/80. The figure 120 is the systolic found above. It

is the first tick you hear when you are using a stethoscope. The figure 80 is the diastolic found below. It

is on the other hand the second tick you hear when you are monitoring your blood pressure using the

stethoscope. However, these figures are not fixed. They are not the only normal level. In the case that

the result is less than 120 for systolic and less than 80 for diastolic, it is still in the normal level. But if it

comes to a point that it gets below 80 for systolic and below 40 for diastolic, you might want to be ready

for low blood pressure or hypotension. You must consult your doctor about it.

Aside from hypotension, you might want to be careful about hypertension. Any number above 120 in

systolic or above 80 for diastolic might lead to high blood pressure which is usually suffered by older

people. The result within 120 to 139 systolic or 80 to 89 diastolic is a stage of pre-hypertension. When

you are on this stage, you have to consult with your doctor to check it up and give you proper remedy

to bring your blood pressure back to normal. This is actually a crucial point because this is a stage where

you can still prevent the harm full hypertension might cause you.

Always remember that there is no other way than to be healthy.