Understand How To Use A Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor?

One imperative component of guaranteeing good health is checking on one’s BP often but it would be pointless if you do not know how to achieve this. Your doctor will encourage you to keep a validated record of your BP pressure readings. The readings should be very accurate since from such records you and your doctor can determine whether your condition is improving or worsening. To attain this, an individual needs to know how to use a wrist blood pressure monitor.

Understand How To Use A Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor ?

In order to track your BP, you shall need to invest in a blood pressure monitoring tool, you can buy a

home BP monitor. Basically, there are 2 types of these monitors that are ideal for home application.

For instance, there is a wrist and an upper arm models. However, in this particular article, we will

concentrate with how to use a wrist blood pressure monitor. The most fundamental point is to ensure

that you exercise great care and use it correctly.

Firstly, you need to read the manufacturer’s manual to understand imperative components of this

monitor. Follow the instruction fully to do the primary set-up activity of your unit. Basically, the initial

setup involves setting the date, time, and other relative basic settings. After setting up the unit, you

shall need to avoid alcohol, strenuous physical activities, eating food, and smoking for at least ten

minutes to the actual exercise. Strict adherence to the above ensures that you attain more accurate and

reliable readings, which reflects your actual BP condition.


Find a place that is very comfortable, sit and relax. Fit your BP cuff around the wrist. However, while

doing this, ensure that the control panel is on the inside of one’s wrist. Always ensure that there is

a finger width from your hand and the cuff. Then, secure the cuff cozily around the wrist. This is

achieved by use of Velcro strap. Normally, it should be comfortable, but not excessively tight since this is

one of the basic information on how to use a wrist blood pressure monitor.

Your arm should be rested comfortably on the table. Alternatively, you can use a flat surface but ensure

the palm is facing upward. This is mandatory since the cuff needs to rest at the same height as your heart

level, thus use a pillow if need be. Complete any prelude requirements as demanded by your Blood

Pressure monitor. For instance, if the monitor is designed such that it can track multiple users, choose

the user to record your readings.

It is the time to take your Blood Pressure information. The above can be achieved by either using a

“Start” or, a “Go” button. However, you are required to remain still and calm as the BP monitor’s

cuff inflates. It is also important to know that any activity at this moment will lead to a rise in Blood

The pressure thus, skewing your readings. When this is done, the cuff will shrink and your BP readings will be

exhibited on the control panel finalizing on your quest of how to use a wrist blood pressure monitor.