Ways On How To Lower Your Blood Pressure

We are all worried about our blood pressure especially if we are getting old. We can track this down to the kind of food we put in our mouth and also to our daily activities. Many of those who suffer from high blood pressure are those who have unhealthy diet and routines. If you are willing to change it and to have a healthy shape and body and to make your blood pressure in a safe level, the following are some of the ways on how to keep track of your blood pressure in case you are having a hard time controlling its increase:

Ways On How To Lower Your Blood Pressure

• Lose additional pounds and maintain narrow waist

Blood pressure over and over again increases as our weight increases, it is directly proportional. Even

if you only lose your weight it can assist in trimming down your blood pressure. Generally, the extra

weight you lose, the lower your blood pressure goes. Aside from losing weight, you should take note

of your waistline. Men should only have a waistline of 102 cm and women, 89 cm. For a more specific

measurement, Asian men should have 91 cm while Asian women 81 cm only. Any other measurements,

more than what was specified in the preceding, can make men and women more prone to having an

increase in their blood pressure.

• Exercise regularly

Regular physical activity can help lower the body’s blood pressure by at least 4 to 9 ml of mercury. What

makes this more successful activity is that you can see the difference in an instant. It will only take you

few days to feel the changes in your body. In the case that you have pre-hypertension, regular exercise

can help you keep away from developing full-scale hypertension but in the case that you by now have

hypertension, usual physical movement can bring your blood pressure down to safer levels. You can

actually make an exercise program or enroll to one. Just make sure that your doctor approves it to suit

your body physical status.

• Eat a healthy diet

It is a cardinal rule in keeping a healthy body. Eat a diet that is rich in fruits, whole grains, vegetables as

well as low-fat dairy products. It will provide your body with energy you need but it cannot trigger the

increase of your blood pressure. You can actually have food diary to keep a track and monitor what you

eat, how much, why and even when. You can also consider boosting potassium for the reason that it can

lessen the effects of sodium on blood pressure. It is for the most part found on fruits and vegetables,

rather than food supplements that are offered in the market. Aside from that you can also start your

healthy diet by making a shopping list earlier than heading to the supermarket to stay away from picking

up junk food. Always read food labels and cut yourself some slack by avoiding stress eating. Always

remember that it is always better to have organic food to be healthy and stay healthy.