Ways To Reduce Blood Pressure

Many of us have the eagerness to be healthy. However, there are really instances when you cannot control what is happening with your body. There are a lot of factors that lessen our health and decrease our resistance, among others, old age and the unhealthy environment we are in. One of the gradual illnesses we may suffer as we grow old is hypertension or the case where our blood pressure increase bit by bit. If you are experiencing the symptoms and signs of high blood pressure, you may start taking necessary measures to amplify our body resistance instead of trimming it down.

Ways To Reduce Blood Pressure

The following are some of the ways we can do to help reduce our blood pressure and to maintain it to

its normal state:

Exercise. This is a requisite when your body is slowly diminishing its strength. Have at least an

hour exercise everyday. You need not to have heavy exercise. You can only have a jog or walk

in the park. You may also try some routines if you enrol in an exercise class. It will gradually

increase your body resistance that will help combat the fluctuating blood pressure you have.

• Eat proper diet. Keep a balance diet like vegetables and fruits in every meal. It will help lessen

harmful chemical that hinders the flow of blood in our blood stream and result to high blood

pressure. It will also give the body the vitamins and minerals it needs to fight the symptoms of

high blood pressure.

• Reduce your sodium intake. Take in sodium only up to 2,300 mg a day or even less. A lower

sodium level is fitting for those who are 51 years old and above as well as those individuals of

whichever age who already suffers from high blood pressure, any chronic kidney disease and

diabetes. To avoid this, you can opt to eat a small quantity of processed foods such as frozen

dinner, processed lunch meats, potato chips, and bacon. These products are usually high in

sodium. When cooking you can make use of herbs and spices, instead of salt, to add more taste

to your foods. In this case you will have healthy food with organic seasonings.

• Reduce you alcohol intake. Small amounts of alcohol can probably lower the body’s blood

pressure but can be highly dangerous when you have it for too much. If you actually do not

drink alcohol, you are not ought to start drinking as a means to lower your blood pressure for

the reason that there is a lot of potential impairment than advantage to drinking alcohol. If in

case you drink extra compared to the moderate quantity of it, alcohol can in point of fact lift

up blood pressure by quite a lot of points. It can as well trim down the effectiveness of your

treatment program or of the high blood pressure medicines you are taking. If you really want to

drink alcohol, the best thing you can do is to keep track of your drinking patterns.