What Causes Blood Pressure?

Hypertension is the other name for high blood pressure. It is the quantity of force that is employed on the arteries walls while the blood is flowing right through them. Too much-repeated pressure on these walls results in high blood pressure. The pressure should be persistently eminent before hypertension is ruled out.

What Causes Blood Pressure ?

The factors that cause pressure

Although the causes may vary as per diagnosis, this can possibly include the contracting of the arteries,

a higher volume of the blood, or a forceful or abnormal fast beating of the heart. If any of these factors

are present, this can amplify the pressure on the walls of the arteries.

In addition, a possible high blood pressure can also be due to some serious medical difficulty. Mostly,

the causes are vague and unknown. High blood pressure can somewhat be controlled and also

prevented, but in most instances, it cannot be cured already.


Do you what the heart is like? It is a solid muscle that is responsible for pumping blood all over the body

continuously. That low-oxygen level blood is pumped to our lungs for replenishment of the supply of this

oxygen. However, those blood that is rich in oxygen is distributed to cells as well as the muscles.

The process of pumping the blood results to that pressure, which is why it is called blood pressure.

Usually, this is compared to a hose used in a garden wherein the force of the flowing water is being

associated to the extent of flow that comes out of the tap. The end part of the hose is where the

resistance takes place right at its nozzle. High pressure results from an abundance of flow and additional

resistance therein. In terms of measuring blood pressures, top pressure refers to systolic while diastolic

pressure comes from the bottom pressure.

Prevention and Control

Generally, blood pressure varies every day depending on what activities we engage into. When we are

comfortable and resting, it is naturally at its lowest. It can change drastically with any rigid activity and

even by simply shifting on our emotions. This change is temporary and happens normally. Hypertension

has been developed once blood pressure stays extremely high and does not return to normal.

In reality, hypertension is possible to take place to almost anyone and chances are it does occur as we

age. It can even start early due to a genetic lineage which means parents have high blood pressure too.

There are bigger chances of acquiring hypertension if this is the case.

Therefore, it can be very helpful if hypertension can be detected just before blood vessels and organs

are destroyed. A thorough change in diet and lifestyle coupled with appropriate medications if needed

can totally decrease the chances of developing hypertension.

Other Possible Complications

High blood pressure can lead to serious strokes, heart problems such as heart attack, kidney failures,

dementia and even erectile dysfunction. The rise on blood pressure cause blood vessels to be impaired

and other organs that blood is being supplied. This is how destructive hypertension becomes when not

properly monitored and prevented.