What Is Normal Blood Pressure?

Blood pressure is the energy and strength that is pressing on the walls of the arteries. When measuring it, two numbers are being used to identify blood pressure namely systolic and diastolic pressure. Systolic pressure is represented by the top number and measures the particular contraction and heart beat, while the bottom number saw measures the heart relax or that something between the beats. Usually, a 120/80 blood pressure is considered perfectly normal.

What Is Normal Blood Pressure ?


Systolic is 120 and diastolic is 80. But then, in order to be accurate, you need to check it several times

in a day in order to identify your perfect blood pressure. It is best to note that pressure changes

depending on the activities that a person has

engaged in during the day.

A single reading does not guarantee if a person is hypertensive or not. When for instance the reading

is 140/90, this can be high blood pressure, however, if this reading occurred only once, this cannot be

considered as such. Rather, the doctor might require you to guard this result for future reference. Most

of the times, high blood pressure is being openly discussed but we should take note that there are also

those suffering from low blood pressure.

Getting the perfect and appropriate blood pressure

In order for you to maintain a perfect blood pressure reading, a change in your lifestyle should be done.

Food is an important factor and you need to switch to a healthier diet and check on the nutrients that

your body require. Exercise is encouraged especially cardiovascular activities such as walking, jogging

and running. Habits and addictions such as smoking should also be eliminated to avoid acquiring


Natural food supplements can also help maintain a healthy and perfect blood pressure. Garlic helps

lower cholesterol and blood pressure and also enhances blood circulation. Calcium sustains a strong

and healthy heart beat. Further, onion and parsley alleviate blood vessels to open and close. These are

only some of the possible nutrients that can help improve and maintain your blood pressure naturally.

The perfect number

If 120/80 is the perfect number for a normal BP, in reality, this can vary from one person to another. A

normal one can actually be a case to case basis, meaning it can be a 120/90 for some or a 130/80 for

others. Sometimes, a good BP can also be described as feeling best and just fairly keeping everything

under control.

To achieve the desired goal, it does not really need prescriptions but rather proper diet and exercise

plus the appropriate supplements which are keys to a perfect blood pressure. Bottom line is that you

just need to evaluate your lifestyle totally. Focus on the healthier side of everything. This is the only way

to maintain a normally perfect blood pressure and a healthy balanced living.

So you see a perfect number in measuring blood pressure does not really exist. The best thing to do is to

work on your self to be always in the pink of health and everything will just follow through.