Where To Buy Blood Pressure Machine?

When buying a blood pressure machine you need to know first the diagnostic feature of the product, the prices and the quality especially you will be using it frequently. It is important to buy your blood pressure machine to a reputable or well known medical supplier and try to check if they have a specialist or staff that knows how to operate the machine and at the same time teach you how to use it. Here are the few steps on what to do when buying your own blood pressure machine:

Where To Buy Blood Pressure Machine ?

• Establish a price range for your blood pressure machine

Blood pressure machine price ranges from $20 to$100 depending on the brand and the features

that you are looking for the machine. Try to check out some brand that can fit your budget

before making a decision on what type of blood pressure machine you want to buy

Choose the type of blood pressure machine

There are different kinds of blood pressure machine available in the market. It comes in manual

and automatic or digital. Each model has the different functions. For example a manual blood

pressure has a wrapped cuff around your arm and inflates using a rubber bulb that can be seen

attached to the cuff. You can read your blood pressure from the manual dial or needle or you

can have the automatic or digital blood pressure which the cuff can be slide up to the upper arm

and by pushing a button it will inflate itself and at the same time it calibrate the reading which

can be seen in the monitor.

Decide if you want a wrist blood pressure machine or upper arm blood pressure machine

A wrist blood pressure is a smaller version of a blood pressure machine and it only available in

automatic. However it gives less accurate reading of blood pressure compared to upper arm

blood pressure. Upper arm blood pressure is more reliable and most health professionals use

upper arm blood pressure for accurate reading.

Measure your upper arm before buying blood pressure machine

Blood pressure cuff has three sizes and before buying it you need to check if it fits your upper

arm or not. The result of your blood pressure relies on the cuff of your blood pressure machine.

Wrong cuff will give false reading or unreliable result.

Assess the capacity of the blood pressure machine of your choice

You will be using your blood pressure machine frequently and you need a wider space in order

to store the result of your reading and smaller memory will have less usage blood pressure


Check for more features

If you will be buying an automatic or digital blood pressure it has more features such as

measurement of a pulse rate and heart rate which can detect if there are any abnormalities

although it can be expensive but worth it especially using it at home.

You can buy your Blood pressure machine to any pharmacies but it is also available online. You can

check at Amazon.com because they have been selling different kind of blood pressure machine.