Causes Of High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is a common illness most especially to people with old age. It is a popular disease characterized by high pressure in the blood due to the improper distribution of blood in the blood stream. Most of the people who suffer from this are prone to quite a few heart problems such as stroke, heart attack and shock. Those who actually have high blood pressure are advised to see a doctor and take proper medications.

Causes Of High Blood Pressure

However, have you ever wonder what causes this kind of bodily problem? Whatever is the reason

behind high blood pressure? Studies show that the precise sources of high blood pressure are not

identified. Up until now, many of the researches cannot attribute high blood pressure to a specific

cause. Aside from the fact that the exact cause is still unknown, there is a still factor that does not make

high blood pressure an accurate ill health. But if you are still wondering the probable cause of such,

quite a lot of elements and conditions possibly will be part of the cause in the development of high

blood pressure. The following factors include:


• Being overweight. It is also known as obesity. When you have so much fat in the body, you tend

to clog the flow of blood that causes high blood pressure.

• Smoking. The nicotine can trigger high blood pressure as it also clouds the flow of blood in the

blood stream.

• Lack of physical activity. When you do not exercise, your body become slower and the organs

tend to be frail.

• Too much alcohol consumption. Alcohol can trigger the increase in the blood pressure. Always

remember to take it moderately and responsibly.

• Stress. Overworking, over thinking and over-eating cause stress and might translate to the

trimming down of physical activities and increase the tendency towards high blood pressure.

• Too much salt in the diet. Sodium intake is bad for the health of any person if it is too much.

Control your diet by keeping a food diary or by substituting salt by organic herbs and seasonings

when you cook.

• Older age. When you are old, your body becomes old too. It becomes slower and more prone to

quite a few sicknesses. The best way to deal with this is to engage in physical activities and eat a

proper diet.

• Genetics. Sometimes, it is all in the blood. High blood pressure is also hereditary. When your

family has a history of such, make sure that you are ready to combat it when it is your turn.

• Chronic kidney disease. Not only such, but other body diseases can also lead to the increase in

the blood pressure such as adrenal and thyroid disorders. Sometimes, the medications of such

impairments also have side effects. Always make sure that you take in medicines prescribed by

your doctor and let the same monitor your health when you are suffering from both diseases to

prevent the occurrence of high blood pressure.