How Accurate Are Blood Pressure Machines?

When you decide to monitor your blood pressure at your home you need to have your own home blood pressure machine. There are so many blood pressure machines available in the market but you have to choose the right one and at the same time give you an accurate reading. It is important that you know how to use your home blood pressure machine especially if you are doing it on your own. Usually it is highly recommended to get a digital blood pressure for the reason that it convenient and easy to use even without any help from other people. Make sure that when buying an automatic or digital blood pressure you have the measurement of your upper arm because it gives more accurate and reliable results.

How Accurate Are Blood Pressure Machines ?

Before buying your home blood pressure you can test or check if you have the right cuff size. How to

know if the blood pressure is the right cuff size? You can check the cuff by wrapping it around your arm.

Or you can measure it around your upper arm by centimeter as well as inches that’s between you upper

arm and shoulder. There are three different kind of cuff size small, medium and large although when

buying a home blood pressure it comes with a medium size cuff which the regular size but you can order

another size if you want. Keep in mind that the wrong cuff size will give you false result.

When taking your blood pressure you must have pen and paper ready in order to record the results.

It is important that you have an accurate reading for your blood pressure because it will be the bases

on how to treat your high blood pressure. To have an accurate reading make sure that you have to

calibrate your machine once a year especially if you are using automatic or digital blood pressure. You

can send it back to the manufacture for the calibration if you do not know how.

There are a lot of home blood pressures available that can is clinically validated as the best to use for

home care but Microlife BP3AG1 home blood pressure is highly recommended for home blood pressure

and the good news is you can buy it online. However you, have to know which cuff do you need for your

blood pressure machine. You can either measure it yourself or you can your doctor for the right cuff to

buy. When buying the product makes sure that you have a three year guarantee or warranty which you

can use for a free calibration.

Doing your own blood pressure need to have the best home blood pressure machine that is why when

choosing the right machine you need to know all the products and the same time study them carefully

before making a decision. You can check their features especially if it is clinically validated by medical

association such as the hypertension society. Don’t forget that you also have to check if you have the

right cuff if you do not want to have the wrong medicine because your home blood pressure gives you a

false result or reading.