How Does A Blood Pressure Machine Work?

Blood pressure machine works if you place the cuff properly around your upper arm, it should be in line near your heart while you are sitting but why do we need to check our blood pressure? Let’s put it this way when your heart is pumping good and there is nothing wrong for so long then you can say that your heart is healthy and pumps blood. The same as your blood the blood vessel must also be in good condition because it pipes the blood into your heart. Both the blood and the vessel must be equally distributing blood throughout your body. What blood pressure machine does is measure the performance of the blood and the vessels in your heart.

How Does A Blood Pressure Machine Work

In reading your blood pressure there are two things that you need to watch out: the systolic and the

diastolic. For instance, a normal blood pressure is 120/80mmHG. When your doctor is taking your blood

pressure he put a cuff on your upper arm and pushes some air. Why would he do that? Your doctor

is cutting off the blood flow in order exert a pressure so that when he releases the cuff the blood flow

will flow back and using the stethoscope he could hear the flow and get a reading. The blood flows

that your doctor could hear through his stethoscope are your systolic number (120). The cuff will keep

on releasing a pressure until no sound can be heard and once your heart relaxes then that will your

diastolic number (80).

After using the blood pressure machine and you have a high blood pressure it means that your heart

is pumping fast which means that there is something wrong with your pipes or in a blood vessel. There

reason why our heart is beating fast because our hormone or adrenaline which we can feel if we are

under stress. If we are in a stressful situation our adrenaline goes up which means our blood pressure

also goes up and our heart will beat faster. Once our blood pressure increases our pipes or blood vessel

will constrict and we lost the elasticity of our blood vessel.

High blood pressure will cause a lot of damage, for example, it will cause us heart problem because our

heart work too hard and it fails to pump up blood or it can also give us a kidney problem because of too

much pressure.

That is why we need to invest a blood pressure machine in order to safeguard our health. Knowing our

blood pressure means we can prevent any problems that a high blood pressure can create in our body.

Heart problem is no joke without proper treatment can shorten out lives. Use your blood pressure

machine properly in order to get an accurate reading so you can change the way you live. If you think that

you have high blood pressure you need to go to the doctor right away so he or she can treat it and give

you the right medication in order to lower down your blood pressure.