How To Measure Blood Pressure With Sphygmomanometer?

Measuring your blood pressure with the manual sphygmomanometer starts with wrapping the cuff around the upper portion of the person’s arm. The stethoscope is placed over the brachial artery which is situated at the inside elbow of the arm. Then, the cuff should be pumped at approximately 180. The pressure should be gradually released while listening to the pulse. The first sound of the pulse should be noted immediately because this represents the systolic pressure. Continue releasing the pressure until you reach the point that there is no pulse that can be heard. That interval of silence refers to the diastolic pressure and should be noted too.

How To Measure Blood Pressure With Sphygmomanometer ?

That is a simple procedure on how to measure an individual’s blood pressure. Actually the cuff plays an

important role in measuring blood pressure. The size should be appropriate because a smaller cuff can

result to higher readings while a larger cuff can provide a low pressure reading. Therefore, the accuracy

will largely depend on how your cuff will function.

Sphygmomanometer is still the most popular manual device that is being widely used by people and

medical professionals all over the world. This mercury-based equipment moves upon compression of

the arm by the use of the cuff.


The following are some important information on measuring BP through this device:

The manual device should be placed on a flat leveled surface. A table is already ideal.

Begin by opening the lid of the BP equipment and if possible check if it is perpendicular to the

lower part.

Now, check on a small valve at the bottom part of the device. This lock helps to hold the

mercury securely in its place when the equipment is idle in order to protect it from unnecessary

damage. Then, slowly unlock this bolt to free the mercury which will escalate a little bit from its

original position.

Look for the rubber pipe which is separated from the BP cuff and fasten the end portion to join

the cuff and the strap on the end and BP device on the other end.

Now, you can begin to wrap the cuff on the upper portion of your left arm. The right arm can

also be used in other instances.

A light pressure should be applied, just enough which means not too tight or not too loose


Some points to ponder

Since sphygmomanometer is a device used to gauge blood pressure, you need to be skillful and learned

enough to handle this device. Unless you are confident enough to use this manual device, it is best

to request the assistance of medical professionals. This maybe true for the first few sessions until

eventually you can do the procedure already and can do this even at home. Measuring blood pressure

especially for those people who have conditions is very helpful and preventive.

Conditions like hypertension or hypotension (high blood pressure/low blood pressure) can lead to

serious diseases if not properly monitored using a manual device such as sphygmomanometer.