How To Take Blood Pressure With A Sphygmomanometer?

Nowadays, one can find several ways through which blood pressure readings can be taken. One can start with the customary method of measuring pulse rate or go for digital devices that are not only easy to run but very much handy too. On the other hand, there are people out there-other than the doctors- who find the sphygmomanometer a still better gadget for measuring blood pressure for its precision.

How To Take Blood Pressure With A Sphygmomanometer ?

How to measure blood pressure through pulse

This is a simple and straightforward method. The pulse can be detected from many parts of the body.

Ideally, one should go for the part of the body where it is the most pronounced such as your wrist. There

is nothing complicated about the procedure as you can simply place your arm on a flat surface with your

elbow region in line with your heart. Find your pulse and press two fingers of your other hand on it.

There is no strict rule that governs as to which arm should be taken for pulse detection. It all depends on

your convenience and the hand that you are most comfortable with.

Get your number of pulses for a single minute. If you have done this technique a couple of times

already, you can also go for ten seconds and henceforth multiply it with sixty to get your pulse beat for a

minute. A steady beat would reveal your pulse rate at a normal, resting position.

How to find blood pressure using sphygmomanometer

The device is complete in its real sense; therefore, all you have to do is to ensure that you use it

in the right way. Secure the cuff around your arm to restrict the smooth flow of blood. Pump the

sphygmomanometer’s bulb to create pressure.

A stethoscope accompanies this apparatus. You should use it to hear your artery and then gradually

release the pressure. As the regains its former motion, the systolic pressure will be indicated. For

diastolic pressure, the beats would halt completely and the sounds will seem steady too.

There are other advanced versions of sphygmomanometer where the use of a stethoscope is no longer

required. A sound system is already incorporated in the device, which is not the only objective but very

much sensitive to the ear too.

It is only better that every person should be able to measure his/her blood pressure from time to time.

For all those who suffer from high to low blood pressure problems, it is imperative that they should keep

regular tabs on their reading. These days hectic schedules do not allow people to visit doctors and clinics

frequently. Therefore, sphygmomanometer allows greater liberty as you can keep it and carry it around

to places. There are also people who are stressed when they are exposed to a doctor’s scrutiny. In such

situations, the reading indicated is entirely situational and needless to say, abnormal too. So, having

your personal blood pressure measuring device will guarantee that you will be at ease while having your

blood pressure being measured. You can do it on your own or have a loved one handle it.