How To Take Blood Pressure?

If you think that you are a high risk for a hypertension or a hypotension, investing in a manual or digital blood pressure device can be a helpful move. For first timers, it may take a little while before you learn the basic of measuring blood pressure but eventually it would be easier when you already know how. If you are in doubt, it helps when you ask assistance from an authority on this matter such as medical professionals.

How To Take Blood Pressure ?

Measuring Blood Pressure

Depending on what you use, you can measure your blood pressure efficiently. There are simple and

quick reminders before you can get an accurate reading. Before taking your blood pressure, be sure to

take it easy and have some rest for a couple of minutes. Strictly no smoking, eating and engaging in any

vigorous activity for at least 30 minutes prior to measurement. Sit calm in a comfy chair just beside the

table where you can rest your arm flatly. Your feet should also be flat on the floor. Clothes should also

be comfortable and a little loose if possible.

Readings may vary all throughout the day so it is best to measure reading continuously for an extended

period for accuracy. This way you can monitor and compare whatever readings you have and eventually

check with your doctor for the exact diagnosis based on the results.

Simple Steps

The cuff should be assembled properly upon removal from its box.

Place your left arm on the loop of the cuff, making sure that bottom of the cuff is about 1/2”

beyond the elbow. It is important to note that the marker lies above the brachial artery.

Your arm should lie flat on the table same level as the heart.

When cuff is already wrapped neatly on your left arm, you can now press the on button.

Monitors with inflation bulb can be squeezed immediately after the ‘ready’ is displayed.

The cuff should be inflated between 30-40 mm Hg beyond the systolic pressure, but in case you

are in doubt, continue to inflate it to approximately 160-180 mmHg.

Remember to keep quiet and no extra movements while BP is being measured.

Cuffs can be released as soon as numbers are recorded.

You need to repeat the procedure two times with at least a minute of interval.

BP Monitors

Some available monitors do not include an inflation bulb but instead, an automatic inflation and

deflation method. It simply functions when the start button is being pressed. The blood pressure as well

as the pulse or heart rate is displayed quickly.

Another device aside from manual and digital blood pressure monitor is the wrist monitor. It is more

convenient to use because you just need to wrap the cuff specifically on the left wrist and simply press

the start button to make it function. Always write or record the results for further diagnosis. Take your

BP several times each day on approximately the same time always. This way there will be comparison of

results which can be significant to your medical diagnosis.