How To Use Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor?

When you have been diagnosed with high blood pressure, there are several aspects of your life that must be changed. You would be forced to watch your diet, take up exercises on a regular basis, take medications and last but not least monitor your blood pressure using a wrist blood pressure monitor. It is therefore essential that you learn how to use Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor on yourself as you would not have a nurse or a doctor at your disposal all the time.

How To Use Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor ?

Monitoring your pressure is not a daunting task and with some regular practice, you would become

as good as a nurse with several years of experience at doing it. In the world today, there are several

pressure monitors that are in use and most of them are easy to use at the push of a button. It would

be wise to select a monitor that you are comfortable to use and the most affordable to you to avoid

financial constraints later.

In the first place, you ought to decide on the type of monitor to use for your pressure measurements.

There are two major types, the digital and the analog wrist blood pressure monitor. They both work

well but the digital type is faster and easy to use unlike the analog ones when it comes to How

to use Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor. For the digital types, you only have to wrap the monitor’s cuff on

your wrist and then push the button on it. The monitor inflates the cuff automatically hence enabling

you to read the diastolic and systolic blood pressure in less than a minute.

When you have the analog one you would be required to wrap the cuff around the wrist and then

inflate air into it using the stethoscope. You should ensure that you pump the cuff to the required

pressure so that you would be able to get the correct measurements. After that, you would release the

air out by using a small knob found on the rubber ball. However, this method would require the user to

have a good hearing ability and thus it would be a prerequisite to ensure that this fact is not overlooked

while shopping for the pressure monitors.

If the person using the monitor is an older person, the best monitor to use would be the digital one as

it is fast and easy to use. It also has a large number display thus making it favorite for people who have

a problem with their eyesight. It does not also require one to listen for the heartbeat nor pump air into

it as some people could have problems inflating it well. Although it costs higher than the analog type,

the benefits it brings forth outweigh this fact altogether.

In addition to the above wrist blood pressure monitor, there are other types available but this would

depend on the suggestion by the doctor who would be treating you and showing you how to use Wrist

Blood Pressure Monitor. It is advisable to get the doctors opinion and advice on the best monitor to use

for your condition. It would also be great if you would conduct some research to find out the best way

to use your blood pressure, monitors.