Measuring Blood Pressure

A device known as sphygmomanometer is being used to measure blood pressure. An inflated cuff is wrapped around an arm through a pump to cut off circulation temporarily. After which, the particular valve is deflating the cuff gradually while a doctor or anybody who understands measuring the blood pressure uses a stethoscope. This is placed over the arm in order for the sound of blood pulse to be heard on the arteries.

Measuring Blood Pressure

The first rush of blood is referred to as the systolic BP, which eventually fades. This is followed by the

second number seen on the device and referred to as the diastolic pressure. Diastolic is the pressure

between the intervals of the heart beat. The blood pressure is being measured by millimeters of

mercury, commonly known as mm Hg. You need to record the systolic pressure initially, with the

diastolic number next. A good example as we often recall is like 120/80 mm Hg, which is a normal blood


Blood pressure readings can be affected by factors such as smoking, alcohol, coffee and other

caffeinated drinks, a rigid physical activity and even emotions. In order to perfectly measure your blood

pressure, it is proper to get your measurement a few times in a day for accuracy.

Tips on how to measure blood pressure

• Measure your blood pressure at similar times each day. Everyday, an individual can have varying

measurements. It is only in in measuring regularly over the same time daily in an extended

period of time that a particular diagnosis and assessment can be possible.

• One hour before taking BPs, do not smoke nor drink caffeinated drinks.

• Measure your BP in a sitting position, relaxed, for a couple of minutes.

• Read the manual carefully making sure you follow the instructions strictly.

• Do not talk or have any unnecessary movements when measuring; it can make a few value


• Write down results, wait for at least one minute for the arteries to relax and repeat the

procedure one more time. Compare the results.

• Remember to keep the results and evaluate with the physician your personal readings and


• Listen intently to what the doctor has to say and if possible take down notes.

Three Methods for measuring blood pressure

Invasive. This type refers to a direct measurement which in theory is believed to be the most

accurate. In reality however, it is not that accurate mainly because of the measurement location

and details are not presented in specifically.

Ausculatory Measurement. This is the most common type of measurement used in clinics and

medical professionals are the people who knew the procedure of using this one. However, there

are recorded errors that come with this such as wrong cuff size, incorrect cuff application or

even inaccurate interpretation of sounds transmitted.

Oscillometric Measurement. This one is the most popular among the three and which uses

automatic measuring devices to take blood pressures. It is easier to understand and follow

compared to the other two. More widely accepted too and can be used by ordinary and

common individuals.