Name Of Blood Pressure Machine

So when your doctor asks you to record your blood pressure every day especially at home you have to do. To do it properly you will need to get a good blood pressure machine that is fit for home use. There are different types of blood pressure machine that you can buy. The bulb with a dial inside the device is called sphygmomanometer and the automatic or an electronic device is called automatic blood pressure machine. For home use, the doctor recommends a digital or electronic as the best option. It is convenient and no need to hassle your family to get your blood pressure.

Name Of Blood Pressure Machine

It is important that the cuff of

your blood pressure machine fits on your upper arm or above your elbow. Make sure to measure your

upper arm before buying the machine or you can test it in the pharmacy because the blood pressure

machine has different cuff size small, medium and large.

Before going home you can try practice your blood pressure machine in front of your doctor or with

the nurse to make sure that you read it correctly. If you are having difficulty doing it on your own you

can ask your doctor to show you how to use. Getting your blood pressure your shoulder must have a

support and your upper arm will be at the level of your heart.

For the best result take your blood pressure after five minutes rest and never take a blood pressure if

you are in a stressful situation or just drank a coffee or smoke a cigarette because it will give you false


As it said earlier there are two types of blood pressure machine but what it differs between the two:

Manual blood pressure includes a cuff that can be wrapped around your upper arm, a rubber bulb which

you squeeze in order to exert blood flow and a gauge that you can assess your blood pressure. You

will need a stethoscope to listen for the auscultation or for the blood flowing through your artery once

you release the air from the cuff. You can read your blood pressure from the circular dial or needle

that move around when the pressure from the cuff had been release. Using the manual blood pressure

machine properly will give you an accurate reading.

Digital blood pressure machine it has also a cuff that can be wrapped around your upper arm but instead of

squeezing the rubber bulb to release the cuff all you need is to push the button and automatically the

cuff will inflate itself. Using this machine there is no need to look for the needle to go down rather it will

show in the screen the reading of your blood pressure. When getting your blood pressure while using

the electronic or digital you have to minimize your movement because it will give you a false reading.

According to some doctor using a digital blood pressure machine is more accurate in giving out a reading

of your blood pressure rather than using the manual blood pressure.