What Affects Blood Pressure?

Blood pressure refers to the strength and power of blood on the arteries wall while on the process of distribution on various parts of the body. There are many factors affecting blood pressure that can result in drastic changes every day of our lives. Possible factors may include genetic factors, age, and existing diseases such as diabetes or kidney problems. The good thing is that we can prevent it in some cases and even control it in some ways.

What Affects Blood Pressure ?


Food and poor nutrition can actually be one of the leading factors that can affect blood pressure. Too

much salt intake, processed and fast food can be harmful to your health and increase the development

of hypertension. Again, it pays to be cautious of what food to eat and always being mindful of choosing

the healthy ones.


While alcohol is considered therapeutic and a drug too, excessive intake can elevate blood pressure

drastically and may even increase on withdrawals. If you want a healthy and acceptable consumption

of alcohol, it is okay to take some two times a week and limit it to only 1-2 servings. The recommended

serving is approximately 2-4 ounce of wine, 2 eight ounces of beer or two shots of some spirits. Anything

in excess is already harmful.


Everyone agrees that stress is considered one great factor that does not only lead to the development

of hypertension but also other serious physical conditions as well. Chronic stress is more damaging

because it does elevate blood pressure and can be severe if not attended immediately. However, to

avoid being stressed, relaxation methods are available which includes deep breathing; massage and

reflexology therapies, as well as a psychological therapy which are all helpful. This way, a person can

manage stress and eventually prevent stress-related hypertension to occur.

Smoking and Nicotine Addiction

Smoking and other tobacco stuff addiction are one of the top three causes of death all over the world.

Peripheral vascular disease or most commonly explained as the contraction of the vessels transporting

the blood to arms and legs is also caused by smoking. Further, smoking also is the culprit of the

hardened arteries.

Given these conditions, there is more likely for a heart disease to develop that may lead to a severe stroke

which is a key to high blood pressure. Therefore, if you have plans starting smoking, better think a

hundred times. It can only bring disaster not only to you but for second-hand smokers as well. For those

who are already into the habit, it is not always too late to quit.


A healthy lifestyle coupled with regular exercise and proper nutrition can greatly help minimize the risk

to develop high blood pressure. Simple cardiovascular exercises can be a tremendous factor that can

control and diminish hypertension. Try engaging in exercises such as walking, swimming, and jogging.

Use stairs instead of elevator; if possible walk to your workplace, school or some place you need to go if

it is just around the corner.