What Causes Low Blood Pressure?

Even though low blood pressure or hypotension is not as popular as high blood pressure of hypertension, it also poses a great kind of danger to those who suffer from it. Normally, when you get a blood pressure lower than 120 systolic and 80 diastolic, you might want to go to your doctor, because you are in danger of hypotension. The cause of hypotension is not yet exactly identified as the cause of hypertension. Studies show that the main reason for the increase and the decrease of the human blood pressure is still strange and mysterious.

What Causes Low Blood Pressure ?

Further study is needed to totally respond to such health problems.

However, factors that can be found in our lifestyle can still be identified to have contributed to the lowering of our blood pressure.

Many of these factors have on a daily basis, or even on an hourly basis, the effect on our heart and the

circulation of blood in our body. It may clog up the blood stream, blood vessels, and arteries. The

following are things that possibly will have an effect on your blood pressure and, in a number of other

cases, may cause low blood pressure or hypotension:

• The time. Not just any other time but the time of the day. Studies show that the human body

changes its pressure depending on what part of the day it is. In most cases, the blood pressure

decreases during the night and it increases during the day.

• Age. Old age can make the body unhealthy. It makes the body slow and the parts slower. Our

age and the performance of our body are directly proportional. The blood pressure more often

than not rises as we get older. However, in some cases, a go down in the blood pressure on or

after a movement, activity or eating is more ordinary with old age.

• Stress level. When you are overworked or just simply unhappy, you feel the stress rising through

your body. It will lead to unhealthy activities like stress eating. When you have a high-stress level,

you tend to increase your blood pressure while lower blood pressure occurs when your body is

still and you feel relaxed.

• Your exercise. It actually depends on how much activities you do. To begin with, exercise will lift

up your blood pressure, thus you might have hypertension. However, if you are healthy and you

exercise on a regular basis, your blood pressure will be low especially as soon as you are resting.

• Temperature. When you are out on a sunny day or you are exposed to a hot temperature, you

might be warned about its effects. In point of fact, the warm temperature might cause the body’s

blood pressure to go down.

• Food. It is important to eat the right kind of food especially to eat it on the right time. When

you just finished eating, the blood will be utilized for digesting the food in the stomach, as a

result, it will lower the blood pressure.