What Does A Sphygmomanometer Measure?

A brief description of sphygmomanometer refers to a medical instrument used to monitor the blood pressure of humans. Long ago, there was no dependable device that can keep track of how blood pressure fluctuates on certain levels. However, with continuous search for medical excellence, medical people came up with similar devices that evolved with time and developed in what we call today as sphygmomanometer.

What Does A Sphygmomanometer Measure ?

Uses of sphygmomanometer

Basically, this device is used to measure blood pressure. The two most important numbers that

you need to take into consideration is the systolic and diastolic readings. These two made up the

results of your blood pressure and determines your condition. Normally, an average blood pressure

reading is 120/80 (systolic/diastolic); results higher than this can be considered high blood pressure or

hypertension. When a medical professional or health care specialist wraps the cuff at the upper portion

of your arm, he will begin the procedure on taking your blood pressure.

Basic steps

For ordinary people, taking BP is when the doctor begins to pump the cuff placed around your arm

which is an action done to temporarily suspend the flow of blood. When the pressure is slowly released

from the cuff, the flow of blood will return gradually which is heard in the stethoscope. That particular

rush of blood is reflected in a number as displayed in the device and is known as the systolic pressure.

You have to take note of the reading quickly.

Then, the doctor continues to release the pressure right from the cuff and listen closely until a certain

silence is heard. The number that is seen on the monitor refers to the pressure when the heart is

in its relaxing state and is called the diastolic pressure. These numbers will then determine your

blood pressure conditions. It is either you are hypertensive or suffering from low blood pressure or



Sphygmomanometer is one of the significant medical devices that are already a necessity in the medical

area. It is actually the very first thing that is being used in patients, emergency or not in order to

determine his basic medical condition. This equipment comes with an inflatable cuff and a manometer

that makes it easy to indicate the blood pressure. It was way back in 1896 that a certain physician by the

name of Dr. Scipione Riva-Rocci from Italy discovered a mechanical sphygmomanometer and introduced

it to the world. The word spyhgmus means pulse and manometer. Although he was not the one who

created it, we owe him the favor for introducing this to the medical field.


Sometimes, a busy schedule and lifestyle can make it hard for people to go and visit a doctor for a BP

measurement. Besides, if you are not yet knowledgeable and skilled on how to use one, it may greatly

affect the results of your reading. It can even complicate things. The manual of instructions can be a

help, but to make you more confident, it is still best to ask the assistance of someone professional to do

the measuring of blood pressure initially. A digital device can be a better idea, but a manual one is still

the most reliable and efficient one.