What Is Blood Pressure Machine Called?

If you are asking for the exact name of the blood pressure machine then the answer is sphygmomanometer. If you are looking for the brand there are several sphygmomanometers available in the market. There are two types of blood pressure machine or sphygmomanometer which you can find in the market but if you are looking for a home blood pressure you can use either of two: the manual type or electronic or digital machine. What is a sphygmomanometer?

What Is Blood Pressure Machine Called ?

Sphygmomanometer sometimes refers to as blood pressure machine which is a piece of equipment

use to evaluate your blood pressure. It has an inflatable cuff that control blood flow and a mercury or a

manometer to gauge the pressure. If you are using a manual sphygmomanometer is must be combined

with a stethoscope. There are two kinds of sphygmomanometer:

Manual sphygmomanometer is in need of a stethoscope for auscultation. It is use by the professional

medical practitioner such as doctors and nurses. When using the stethoscope you can read your blood

pressure through palpation. Manual sphygmomanometer has two types:

• Mercury sphygmomanometer- evaluates blood pressure by observing the movement of

the mercury inside the device. It gives accurate reading and because of it is a high standard

machine it being use for high risk patient.

• Aneroid sphygmomanometer- a dial type of blood pressure machine which is common device

use at home. It needs a calibration when using it but depending on the cuff you are using. It is

safer than the mercury sphygmomanometer.

Digital sphygmomanometer is an electronic device which gives a reading using oscillometric

measurements rather than auscultation. It does not need any training to learn this device because it

is easy and can be used in a noisy surrounding. Systolic and diastolic can detect using pressure sensor

and microprocessor. It also displays a heart rate and useful for people who have preeclampsia. It is

convenient for home blood pressure but it cannot be used as a regular machine compared to the analog

or manual sphygmomanometer.

We know that sphygmomanometer is important when it comes to getting our blood pressure and

because there are two types of sphygmomanometer to choose but in the end any blood pressure

machine has the same result. For example, a manual sphygmomanometer and a stethoscope are

more reliable because it gives accurate reading but it has also a greater risk of giving out an error

or false reading especially if you cannot hear the auscultation from the stethoscope. While digital

sphygmomanometer have a less accuracy and less convenient but it cannot be calibrated to the size of

the cuff.

Regardless, you still need the help of your doctor in order to determine which one is convenient and

easy to use for home monitoring. You can any medical professional to teach you how to use the blood

pressure machine. As long as you know how to use the blood pressure machine you can determine how

your blood pressure and know what to do if you have a high blood pressure.