What Is Sphygmomanometer?

There are several devices and tools that are being used in a medical clinic that are common to us but sometimes the names are even difficult to pronounce as it is spelled. One of this equipment is the sphygmomanometer, a device used to measure a person’s blood pressure. At the turn of the 20th century, this became popular especially among doctors and also in households where people suffering from hypertension or hypotension needed to be monitored regularly. A sphygmomanometer is normally composed of a cuff, valve, and bulb, which works to carefully measure accurately what’s happening with the blood pressure when it flows liberally and when the blood is temporarily constrained. This device will tell what you want to know regarding your systolic and diastolic pressure.

What Is Sphygmomanometer ?

How can this device work?

It works by inflating the cuff generally, done by wrapping around the upper portion of the arm while

pressure is being released slowly. While a digital one can be operated by a mere touch of a single

button, the manual one will take some practice to enable an accurate pressure reading. Results are

eventually displayed on the screen. However, it is believed to be more efficient compared to other

digital monitors.

Further, the manual pressure is shown as the altitude of the mercury in the tube progress or regress.

Upon inflation of the cuff, the altitude elevates, and when pressure is gradually released, it eventually

decreases. It is in the deflation that the medical professionals listen intently using a stethoscope placed

on the brachial artery in the folds of the arm. The left arm is the most recommended used but the right

arm can also be used in some instances.

Next, the doctor listens closely for that particular sound when the blood rushes and pounds after it has

been temporarily stopped using the cuff. That sudden rush is referred to as the systolic pressure. A

number will be displayed on the monitor, and this should be immediately noted.

The cuff will continue to be deflated until a sound can no longer be heard. This silence represents

the diastolic pressure reading. Be wary to write down the number quickly. These two numbers are

very important in blood pressure measurements. They are the values that are actually very vital in

determining blood pressure.

Some tips for an accurate reading

It is relatively important to have measurements when the body is relaxed and comfortable because any

extra movement and even emotions can greatly affect the readings. Adrenaline, a type of hormone can

seriously increase the results of blood pressure because it can constrict the arteries when it functions


Hence, sphygmomanometer, like any other devices necessitate skills for an accurate reading. This is very

true when there is the need to measure blood pressure frequently. It allows convenience visiting a clinic

more often. Some patients are even scared to have their blood pressure taken by professionals and

more often this situation increases the readings which can give inaccurate results. Therefore, a device

like this can be very useful at home too.