Which Blood Pressure Monitor?

At times, we really need to keep track of our blood pressure at home even our doctors or physicians would tell us to do so. With this, we would need the best quality blood pressure monitor. It would be a reality in which there would be different factors that you will prioritize in buying one for your family. You would prioritize the quality rather than the price while for some, they would buy one that is just fit within their budget. Some would not mind the price as long as the machine is easy to use and can provide accurate results.

Which Blood Pressure Monitor ?

Nowadays, blood pressure monitors have two general types – manual and digital. All the

machines that are now out in the market belong to these types. If you have no blood pressure device

now, this will indeed help you. I will be sharing to you a comparison between manual blood pressure

monitors with digital ones.

Manual blood pressure device is consisting of three devices. It has a cuff, a bulb, and a gauge.

The cuff is the one that is used to wrap around the arm usually on the upper portion of the arm. The

bulb is made of rubber that is squeezed and the gauge is used to measure the blood pressure. These

three should always be present. A partner with this kit is a stethoscope that is needed to listen to the

blood that pulses through the artery. Well, of course, you would need to have someone who is keen

enough to listen to the thumping sounds and someone who knows how to correctly operate this one. If

this is used properly, definitely this could give you accurate results.

Nowadays, everyone is going digital and so do blood pressure devices. Just the same as the

manual ones, these devices has also a cuff that needs to be wrapped around the arm. This cuff needs to

be inflated and so you may need a rubber squeeze ball, or for some models, you will just have to push

a button and the cuff will inflate itself. After it is inflated already, the pressure will slowly drop. There

is a screen which will show your systolic and diastolic blood pressure. After a reading has been given,

the cuff will deflate on its own. There are some in which you have to wait for 2 to 3 minutes to use the

machine again.

These machines may be ideally used in which they can be very useful. Most clinics are still opting

to use the manual ones while digital ones are the most preferred at home. Why is that so? People who

are staying at home or who really does not have the time to go out are the old ones. With digital blood

pressure monitors even if you alone in the house, you can readily check your blood pressure. Whenever

these devices are used, accuracy is based on how they are correct and properly used. Also the person

who has his blood pressure checked should not be moving while someone is reading his blood pressure

for this can affect the reading.